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Make online collaboration more efficient.

  • Are you looking for a platform that improves communication across your company?
  • Do you want your staff (or colleagues) to share document information in one central intranet?
  • Are you unable to locate the reminders for meetings, events or CEO updates in one central space?

If you've answered the majority of these with a firm "YES", we can help you with your SharePoint solution!



Picture sending a group e-mail and adding all employees in copy, only to learn that a lot of the information gets ignored or even lost. Or, imagine a traditional document storage facility where the same file is stored in three different folders. Sounds familiar? 

Without a centralised program where your staff can communicate and share, your organisational culture can fall behind and out of touch.

Let's close this business gap.



Here at Arcade we spend a lot of time working with clients to understand their problems. We sit, we listen, and we analyse. Then we address these problems with solutions. We inquire if SharePoint is the right solution for your business and project needs. Do you have the skills/ employees in-house and what knowledge and capacity are you missing? By the end of this process, we define requirements, focus on continuous improvement, generate a user adoption strategy and assign realistic teams to drive the implementation.


You’re ready to purchase SharePoint and it’s time to get a software implementation plan in place. Proper implementation will maximise the value of your new system. The actual implementation is the easiest step. It’s the work that we do beforehand that determines the succes of your SharePoint solution.

Together we’ll take a look at how your existing documents are shared. We’ll help you determine what you want from a collaboration perspective in your organization. By the end of the process we embed SharePoint into your IT architecture, create a solid support base to gain acceptance with the end-users, and educate your team with any additional platform knowledge.


Your documents and data have been configured and it's time to migrate data to one central location so everyone can collaborate. You made it to the homepage of your newly set-up SharePoint site. And that’s where the reality starts to settle in: things aren't behaving like they are supposed to.

That's where we come in, we close the gap between the client and the implementation partner. We stand watchguard to manage the expectations and requirements of all stakeholders.



Are you interested in some examples of business optimisation realised through Microsoft SharePoint?

Don’t hesitate to contact us: our SharePoint SWAT is happy to present you some of our use cases.