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Bart Bonte, CEO Moderna Products

"Within Moderna we have launched the project Moderna 4.0 where we want to make the internal information flow paperless. Internally, we succeeded, but for the external story, we got help from Arcade. Arcade made a connection from our existing ERP system to Power BI & to Dynamics for Sales. As a result, we have a digital presentation where people can show customers live data in a beautiful way via an Ipad."



  • Sustainability and digitization are not only found in R&D or the production hall. The other branches of the company also had to grow.


  • The sales team is always on the road all over the world. The need to be able to retrieve data wherever they are to show to customers. The need for notebooks or certain reports that are printed must disappear completely.




  • The traditional method of reporting is time-consuming, it requires a lot of manual work and often duplicate work. The way of working with reports also differs from person to person, that's why reports never look the same. It lacks uniformity.
  • Sustainability is always an important factor. Because the entire information flow enters the system, paperless work is possible. Implementing scalable systems that can grow with a company is certainly a sustainable solution.

  • In the field of collaboration, we have made a link with the current ERP system. This is to synchronize the necessary information and to ensure that there is no duplication of work. Commercial classification of Sales contacts was set up as an enrichment of customer information in Dynamics For Sales. Furthermore, the entire flow of information with customers was processed in the system.

  • For reporting, we have set up Power BI. It was especially important to collect and visualize correct figures and this automatically. The relevant dashboarding provides insights down to the detailed level. And you can spend the time you save through automation on analyzes of those figures. In this way, people are more busy with their core business.

  • Agile Approach: We ensure the software development lifecycle is manageable, predictable and transparent. Our constant feedback processes enable us to start faster, maintain flexibility and combine different Microsoft technologies for the best possible solution.

  • Support: We provide an advisory role and take long-term ambitions into account. We strive to develop lasting partnerships that mean much more than just keeping the projects running. Arcade takes a proactive approach and deliveres more than just Microsoft services – our aim is to support growth and improve business.

  • SWAT: Our SWAT works in one-week cycles and ensures careful follow-up of all tasks. We approach challenges from a business perspective, translate this into feasible technical solutions and deliver in a phase approach.



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