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Moderna Products

Moderna is a renowned manufacturer of innovative plastic products for pets. They are internationally active in 75 countries and have a production site in Belgium and the USA. In this family company from Izegem, they are constantly striving to develop new and innovative products that are both functional and design led. 

With a global export market, their sales team is always on the road. To provide their sales team with a better flow of information, it was important to find a suitable tool to support such a flexible workflow. As a growth company, Moderna naturally also wants to have insight into details at all times.

We supported Moderna with their customer's interaction flows and with the automation of (sales) reporting.


Technology: Dynamics for sales PowerBi


University of Applied Sciences,HOWEST, consists of a large team of teachers and guest professors that provide high-quality education to over 8000 students. They are constantly looking for very strong profiles to join their team. That's why they are in need of a perfect HR flow that gives them control over every part of this recruitment process.


We designed that workflow together with Howest. By automating we drastically reduce the number of manual operations, the delay and errors. This way HR can focus on their core business.

Technology: Office 365


As an SME, how do you maintain an overview of all your projects? How do you safeguard that all projects are on track and realized within budget? How do you ensure that all employees work with the same information and know what tasks need to be done at all times?

Infohos Solutions too face the challenge of delivering hundreds of projects per year with a team of 90 employees for more than 60 hospitals. They needed an expansion of their time and project management system so that it is available everywhere providing real-time data for all their employees. 

Technology: SharePoint & Power Platform


With over 1,700 employees, Liantis supports 200,000 independent entrepreneurs and 65,000 employers in our country. In short, they manage people for people.

To remain in control over the large amount of projects and documents these entail, they needed an automated project management system with uniform data to reduce their administrative burden. The connected Office 365 reporting tools provide valuable business insights at all corporate levels, now and in the future.

Technology: SharePoint & Power Platform

Rubio Monocoat

Muylle Facon is rapidly growing by distributing "Rubio Monocoat" worldwide. Experiencing a period of rapid business growth can be an exhilarating time. Revenue is increasing, profits are high, and you’re making a name for yourself among your competitors. However, properly managing business growth and realizing the full benefits in a growth environment are not simple tasks.

That is where we come in. We
 support Rubio Monocoats' exponential growth by creating scalable and uniform business processes.

Technology: SharePoint & Power Platform and Dynamics 365.


Renson exists for 110 years and together with 2000 employees they create safe and comfortable living spaces for everyone.

They stand for innovation and look for like-minded partners to help sustain their growth. We were able to support Renson by creating "Renson One Family". With the use of a global data center, enabling painless growth and ensuring user adoption we've managed to structure Rensons' data ecosystem.

Technology: SharePoint & Power Platform