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For all the time and money spent by companies, there often remains a persistent and troubling gap between the inherent value of the technology used and the ability to put it to work effectively.

Kris D'Hoest & Olivier Laloo figured it was time for the industry to witness a wake-up call
and it goes by the name of: Arcade Business Consultancy. 

Together their mission is to challenge “old school” IT  implementation standards ​and to “do” business differently.

Complimenting each other in their knowledge of SharePoint & Dynamics 365 - they grew what was once an idea into a professional hub of Business & IT professionals.  Entitled as the SWAT and working with Skills, Wisdom And Technology, this team currently operates as a fully independent solution provider for Microsoft Cloud Technologies.

Arcade business consultancy today stands for our own tactics: a no-nonsense approach and to-the-point. 


More than technical specialists, we are business specialists who are keen on getting to know you, your data usage, dataflow and processes. Unlike you might think, we will never overwhelm you with technical facts and figures. On the contrary, we approach your business request from a non-technical point of view and close the gaps you are currently experiencing.



We answer your business questions with a high quality SWAT solution *rather than checking how much staff we have sitting around to bill to a new project*.

Our question to you is, would you rather have 20 people taking their time to finish a task or have a multi-disciplinary team taking control effective immediately?



When you see a complex business process far from the standard system, a knee-jerk reaction is to reach for customization tools. Our knee doesn't jerk anymore, rather we optimize feature usage of existing technology instead. Customizations can turn your system into a huge long-term cost generator because not only do most of the creators leave your company, the systems cannot always keep up with how fast technologies keep changing.