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Cloud works! First cloud based ERP go-live

Cloud works! First cloud based ERP go-live

 So our first Dynamics 365 for Operations in the cloud is live. But what did we learn along the way?


1)      Cloud works!

A few years ago, when doing on-premise Dynamics implementations, we were sceptic about cloud-ERP. But now, after experiencing it ourselves, we can conclude that cloud works. Even more, it works great! It reduces a lot of infrastructural complexity and makes sure we can spend more time focusing on more important business matters.

2)      Collaboration

During this project, we collaborated with a lot of different companies and partners, nationally and internationally. It is awesome to see that different partners can work together to achieve the same goal. This proves that the old fashioned method of one partner “doing it all” is not necessary anymore. Instead, having different subject matter experts collaborating on the same project can be a new and better way of performing implementations.

3)      Integration

During the first days of cloud ERP, there were big questions regarding how a cloud based ERP would integrate with other on-premise or cloud-applications. Now we can safely say that this is perfectly possible with a good integration architecture.

About the author

Kris D'Hoest is an expert SharePoint (MCITP) and Business consultant. Always keen to share hints and tips on getting the best out of our realisations.

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